[CONCLUSA VINTA] ebay 260553052000 lot - scad (Feb 20, 201015:10:59 PST)

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[CONCLUSA VINTA] ebay 260553052000 lot - scad (Feb 20, 201015:10:59 PST)

Messaggio  maur5454 il Mer 17 Feb 2010 - 23:47


-Pink plastic with UAW, FORD, Union Label, ESSP, Total Health(with string)
- Nice wood Whirl King (blue and red,old string)
- all blue wood with string very nice
- red and green wood no string
maur5454 - Plastic Ned says...Becoming a Champion
- Plastic speckled DUNCAN Gold Award no string
- Nice Red Wooden Flying Disc (no string)
- Made in Mexico wooden with most of rhinestones intact(old string)
- Early Duncan wooden orange and black (paint loss, no logo or string)worst side showing
maur5454 - and Very Nice DUNCAN Navy Butterfly with gold flecks.


Maurizio - Genova - Italy - www.yoyos.it


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